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What is bimint?

A new phase in our evolution!

A collection of 1000+ NFTs. Public Figures® is a NFT project that consists of 3d collectables that can be used in AR and VR where the team focuses on future landscapes like the metaverse. We aim to build a community that is driven in helping each other and grow together in different work fields. The community will be able to learn from each other's expertise. The people who bring value in the community will be rewarded. Early adopters of Public Figures® will gain long term utility from holding PF.

We aim to build a platform that will give people the opportunity to find experts in different work fields and connect with each other. The value that is created via our platform will eventually be put back in the community. Join the Public Figures® community on Twitter or Discord!


Our plans moving forward into 2022

Phase 01
Public Figures® Development
The first drop will have 1000 unique digital collectables of Public Figures®. The NFTs are one by one created and distribution will be randomized after the mint. The art is created by the latest AI technology and modified in a cross-platform game engine. With over 10+ years of experience our artists can convert the idea’s into Augmented & Virtual Reality. 
Phase 02
Building the community
We believe that sharing your knowledge in the community will help people to grow together. We are going to build an educational platform. 
We will raise awareness about this awesome community via discord, twitter and Instagram.. Opportunities in the Web3 space can be found in crypto, NFTs, AR, or VR etc. We aim to connect people with these similar interests. People can share their knowledge and learn from each other via our educational platform. Being active on the platform and in our community will lead to unique network opportunities.

Remember that the community channels are a safe place to share ideas and place for positive vibes so people can become better and grow together.
Phase 03
Public Figures® Ticket Generation
During the launch, you will be able to purchase tickets to mint Public Figures®. With the random mint you do not know beforehand who you will get from the collection of Public Figures®. Holders of Public Figures® will be able to get access to new channels in our discord. A couple days after the mint we will reveal the Public Figures® and you will be able to trade the NFTs and build a collection of your favorite Public Figures®.
The team

Every investment you make should be a bet on the team.

That is why we chose to reveal ourselves on the site. With our experience, we will grow this project into a high-end NFT venture, making sure we give value back to the people who support Public Figures.


The AR/VR Specialist who can merge the real and digital world.

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The artist that understands business.

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The commination specialist who will connect worlds.

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The smart investor that geeks out on tech.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Public Figures® launch?

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We aim to be at the End of March. Exact date will be announced soon. 

What will the price be at launch?

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Presale: 0.12 ETH
Public sale: 0.15 ETH

How do I get a Public Figures®?

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If you get whitelisted you can buy in the presale otherwise you can buy in the public sale. When we are sold out you will be able to get one on the secondary market on Opensea.

How to earn a whitelist spot?

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Please go to the channel #howtowl

I got a discount in my DM. Is this real?

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No we will never DM your first. Keep that in mind! 

Is the WL role permanent?

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No. The following will certainly see your role removed/ downgraded and may result in you being ejected from the server. 
!Being disrespectful to other members from our server. 
!Spamming other people with fake selling, trading or buying accounts.

Can I be a mod

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Yes. When the discord grows we will free some spots for mods. Please send us a message and we will go through some steps. 

If I got a business proposal, who should I contact?

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One of the founders. 

Is there a MAX mint for public and presale?

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