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Delivered at a fraction of convetional costs for surveying and as-built documentation

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Upload your 3D scan of complex mechanical
spaces to get BIM—faster and more standardized than ever before

How BIMIT is Different

Fast, predictable, and accurate
Scan to BIM

Delivered in hours, not months

to hit your next project's deadline

True-to-scan accuracy

reviewed by trained engineers

Easy, predictable pricing

to budget for your next project

Trusted by owners, operators, and AEC professionals from:

"BIMIT is the fastest and most affordable way to get our projects started the right way."

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Rakesh s.
Director of Construction

"BIMIT gives us the ability to verify existing conditions in BIM and CAD formats from our 3D site scans—we use it for every project now."

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Bryan A.

"BIMIT’s fast. It’s predictable. It’s a gamechanger."

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justin f.
Director of Construction

How it Works

From Point Cloud to BIM in Hours

Step 1
Upload your Point Cloud
Drag-and-drop your point cloud or add a Custom URL with public permissions and we'll convert it to BIM
Upload your Point Cloud
Step 2
Select Standard or Industrial
Industrial spaces include:
Mechanical Room, Fulfillment Center, Manufacture, Warehouse, Storage, Data Center
Switch from Standard or Industrial
Step 3
Estimate your Project Size
Select between Imperial Units or Metric Units and submit your estimate scan size
Estimate your Project size
Step 4
Select your Desired Scopes
From Architecture, Furniture or MEP

Find out what Elements we will model

See our Level of Detail Table
see LOD Table
Select your desired scopes
Step 5
Submit Deposit Payment
Submit a 50% payment in order to get your order started
After the payment is set you will receive an order confirmation email with your order details and we will start processing your file
Submit deposit payment
Step 6
Receive your Order
Once the order is processed we will automatically charge the remaining balance and will send you the final deliverables
You're set, your Files are ready
Your Order is Ready
Convert your Scan to BIM Today
Get your existing condition models faster and more cost effectively.


What is BIMIT?
Open FAQ question

BIMIT is a Scan to BIM service that allows you to drag-and-drop your registered point cloud and order a building information model (BIM)—in hours, not weeks or months.

    What is BIMIT Industrial?
    Open FAQ question

    BIMIT Industrial is a highly specialized Scan to BIM product that accurately depicts the mechanical, electrical, piping, and equipment within an industrial space. It’s a simple, standardized, and cost-effective solution to the complex engineering work required to satisfy the specialized engineering requirements of a mechanical room or floor.

      Who is BIMIT for?
      Open FAQ question

      BIMIT is for people who have a registered point cloud and are looking to convert that scan into an accurate building information model (BIM) and/or floor plans.

        What files does BIMIT include?
        Open FAQ question

        All BIMIT orders include the following file types by default: RVT 2020, DWG's, RCS.

        .RVT (Revit 2020 Project) Existing conditions
        .RCS (Point Cloud) (Only for Matterpak Point Clouds)
        .DWG Floor Plan CAD
        .DWG Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)
        See Sample page to learn more

          What's the Scan Size?
          Open FAQ question

          BIMIT can span a variety of project sizes. The following are pre-established sizes to categorize a scan size per square foot:

          1 - 1,000 ft²
          1,000 - 5,000 ft²
          75,000 - 100,000 ft²
          10,000 - 25,000 ft²
          5,000 - 10,000 ft²
          50,000 - 75,000 ft²
          25,000 - 50,000 ft²
          Can I upload any Space Type?
          Open FAQ question

          BIMIT can span a variety of common Space types:

          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Standard)
          Residential (Single & Multi)
          Commercial / Retail
          Mechanical Room
          Approved (Standard)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Approved (Industrial)
          Fulfillment Center
          Data Center
          What are Scopes?
          Open FAQ question

          Architecture is a required scope. Optional scopes are MEP (Mechanical, electrical, plumbing)

          Why was my order rejected?
          Open FAQ question

          Orders are typically rejected if theres an issue with the quality of your pointcloud. To avoid this issue see (best scanning practices).

          What's the Average Processing times of BIMIT?
          Open FAQ question

           The BIMIT File is expected to consistently achieve the following production processing times (in hours). These hourly ranges start upon the time of receipt of the registered point cloud.

          1 - 1,000

          1K - 5K
          48 - 72
          192 - 312
          168 - 264
          120 - 240
          96 - 120
          72 - 120

          75K - 100K

          10K - 25K

          5K - 10K
          72 - 96

          50K - 75K

          25K - 50K
          Size (Square Ft)
          Standard Processing Times
          How do I get a refund for a cancelled order?
          Open FAQ question

          We’ve established a 1-hour window to allow for a full refund on your deposit, if your order is cancelled within the (1) hour cancellation window, we will refund your full deposit.

          If you are looking to cancel your order, you can do it from the Order Summary email we sent when you created the order.