made simple.

Get as-builts of your space with unprecedented detail so that your acquisitions and design team can answer: what, exactly, is in my building?

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Join the thousands of owner-operators, design professionals, and proptechs bringing their spaces online

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Any scanner. Any space. Any size.

Turn any point cloud to accurate BIM & CAD—with predictable delivery speeds and costs. Or have a SCANIT technician 3D scan for you.

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Your departments are speaking different languages—to manage the same space.

Some departments need spreadsheets. Others need CAD. And others need pictures. What’s worse: none of these digital assets are accurate or up-to-date.


Speak the same

IPX serves as the universal adapter

Bring your building online

Unlock a multi-dimensional experience for the entire real estate team to better acquire, renovate, and operate spaces—with verified building data.

How it works

Step 1
Sign up to IPX
Sign up effortlessly using only your email and immediately access IPX's powerful features.
Upload your Point Cloud
Step 2
Digitize your building
Request a 3D site scan with SCANIT or upload your point cloud with BIMIT and we will digitize your building in days.
Switch from Standard or Industrial
Step 3
Your building is online
View, verify, and quantify your building in IPX down to the inch. Obtain comprehensive data analytics, and effortlessly share information with your team or collaborators.
Estimate your Project size
IPX Platform

Know the spaces you operate

Improve your space by unlocking the data trapped inside your walls—accurately.

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IPX building card
IPX building card
IPX building card
IPX building card
IPX building card