Digitize your building
to unlock massive tax deductions

Introducing Cost Seg Survey: After acquiring or renovating your building, get accurate as-builts and a cost segregation survey, all-in-one service—faster and more affordably.

Without Cost Seg Survey

Inaccurate underwriting from unverified gross area
Inaccurate, out-of-date building plans
Chasing down architects, contractors, and cost seg specialists for answers
Unpredictable pricing and multiple vendors

With Cost Seg Survey

Capture lost income with accurate gross areas
Get 3D plans with build-grade accuracy in BIM & CAD formats 
Reduce reliance on outside vendors and speed time to market
Transparent, simple pricing tiers by property size & type

Your Best Alternatives

Traditional Reports

From tax advisory firms

DIY Cost Seg

From online tools

Cost Seg Survey

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IPX | Corporate Tax Advisors
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Accurate 3D BIM As-Builts
360 Virtual Tour
Location & Area PDF Report
Material Inventory
Easy Status Tracking
Floor Plan Viewer
3D Model Viewer
Secure, Private Sharing
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Order a SCANIT of your space

Enter your address and details on the SCANIT order form, provide a 50% deposit, and schedule your scan.

Grant building access to our SCANIT team

On your scan date, have an authorized person unlock for our camera operators. We’ll be in and out in no time.

Get your Cost Seg Survey + As-Built Files delivered in IPX

We bring your BIM, CAD, and Cost Seg Survey online and host it in one place.

Measure twice,
pay once.

Convert your 3D spatial data into tax benefits
with a single on-site visit.
"Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support. We can’t imagine working without it."
Frank Forte
Chief Investment Office, Lucern Capital Partners
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Expert certified

Our Cost Seg Surveys are powered by CTA, a nationwide consulting firm specializing incomprehensive education and value-added tax solutions.
Speed - Faster turnaround for both building documentation and cost seg study
Accuracy - Our experts use the latest in 3D scanning to capture every element that can be visibly seen
Unbeatable Price - An all-in-one document for the price of a traditional cost seg study

Put up to 30%
of your building’s value back to work

Our Cost Seg Survey provides accurate reclassification of property to accelerate depreciation.
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Go Beyond Cost Seg

Learn how a building profile in IPX adds value to every stage of the building lifecycle


Accurate underwriting with verified areas


Accurate existing conditions documentation in BIM and CAD


Provide powerful assets to expedite decision making

Asset management

Centralize and search every physical detail of your portfolio
Get answers, quickly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cost Segregation?
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What is SCANIT?
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What is IPX?
How accurate are your models?
What is the typical building size that you scan?
What makes you different from other 3D scanning companies?
Can I import my existing scans into IPX?
What is your pricing structure?
How long is turnaround time?
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