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Order verified BIM & CAD as-built plans in seconds from anywhere in


Keep projects profitable with transparent pricing, reliable delivery, and standardized file formats


Without IPX

Time-consuming scanning and BIM conversion takes you away from design work
Unpredictable costs and turnaround times from scan-to-BIM vendors
Inaccurate, out-of-date building plans
High risk of errors due to file sharing via email threads

With IPX

Get back to value-add work with simple scan-to-BIM ordering
Get up-front pricing and a delivery date before you order
Digitized plans with build-grade accuracy 
Easily share your BIM, CAD, and RCS assets in your own branded portal

Join leading owner-operators, design, construction, and laser scanning professionals bringing their spaces online with IPX

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Order your 3D scan
(or upload your existing scan)

Enter your address and details on the SCANIT order form, provide a 50% deposit, and schedule your scan.

Complete deposit payment

SCANIT and BIMIT orders take a 50% deposit through Stripe, with the remainder due on model delivery.

We deliver your files in IPX

We bring your BIM, CAD, and other formats online for you to view, download, search, and share with the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SCANIT?
What is BIMIT?
What is IPX?
How accurate are your models?
What type of 3D camera do you use?
What is the typical building size that you scan?
What makes you different from other 3D scanning companies?
Can I import my existing scans into IPX?
What is your pricing structure?
What will the models look like when they’re delivered?
How long is turnaround time?
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Schedule time with the creators of SCANIT and IPX to discuss your specific space and needs.