5 Toolbox favorites for architects

Apps, plug-ins, and tools by AEC’s most innovative thinkers that have become must-haves for design professionals.

February 28, 2023
Orlando, Florida

1. Cove.Tool

offers a series of tools optimized not only for design efficiency but environmental efficiency as well.

From automated size calculations for HVAC systems, to energy and daylight analysis, all the way down to carbon profiles, Cove.Tool is transforming the way architects design for optimal IRL efficiency.

🔗 https://cove.tools/

2. Sitescape

Provides AEC professionals the ability to capture real-time 3D data using the most accessible hardware to date—your phone (or iPad). Sitescape makes any LiDAR enabled device the bridge between the physical world and the digital world.

🔗 https://www.sitescape.ai/

Download App
🔗 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sitescape-lidar-3d-scanner/id1524700432


Kicks as-built design into 5th gear by providing users the ability to transform their point clouds into accurate BIM in just a few clicks. Extensive QAQC, upfront pricing, and reliable delivery times keeps projects standardized, under budget, and on-time.

🔗 https://bimit.integrated-projects.com/

The IPX platform makes spatial data and insights from BIMIT accessible across entire real estate portfolios and easily connects building owners to Day 2 services.

It's user friendly interface is ideal for users with zero experience in the AEC field.

🔗 https://www.integrated-projects.com/ipx-gen3

4. DiRoots

Develops multidisciplinary Revit apps that increase efficiency, scale with low costs, integrate with existing workflows, and increase profits for businesses.

DiRoots add-ins automate structural framing, reducing licensing costs, and optimizing blockwork modeling. Not to mention custom software solutions like ML and DL.

🔗 https://diroots.com/

5. Testfit

Uses real site GIS data to generate building massing, optimize parking, and test ideas instantly.

Not only can you streamline your design process with TestFit's co-creation tools and algorithms but they take it a step further with financial data reporting and real-time deal prototyping that’s sure to impress clients.

🔗 https://testfit.io/

Let me know what's in your toolbox!

Stay tuned for my personal operational tool favorites that have transformed my onboarding, documentation, and marketing workflows!

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