Empowering Digital Transformation: Sitescape and BIMIT’s Game-changing Partnership

Scan-to-BIM in your pocket, and more affordable than ever, for small and medium sized locations

May 3, 2023
Valencia, Spain

The Announcement

We are incredibly excited to announce the game-changing partnership between SiteScape and BIMIT. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way we digitize the built environment, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The power of LiDAR is now in everyone's pocket: Today, anyone with an iPhone or iPad can scan their house or office and, in just a few clicks, generate a BIMIT order. This means that obtaining precise floor plans, quantifying space, materials, and equipment is faster and more affordable than ever before.

The Partnership Overview

Our joint mission with SiteScape is to digitize the built environment, connecting the physical and digital worlds with an emphasis on accessibility, shareability, synergy, and efficiency. This partnership brings us one step closer to achieving that goal, expanding opportunities and use cases while fostering innovation and efficiency.

SiteScape enables users to capture real-time 3D data through LiDAR scanning using the devices they already own, while BIMIT helps users visualize, verify, and quantify building components and systems. Together, they offer users the most up-to-date and highest quality end-to-end product. The seamless exchange of information between stakeholders, facilitated by this partnership, promotes collaboration and enables well-informed choices in various aspects of the built environment.

Why this Matters

Until now, obtaining an existing conditions model of a space required a unique skill set and expensive software to convert a scan into usable BIM. By integrating BIMIT’s engine into the Sitescape platform, users can save time, money, and effort. With the addition of an "Order BIM" button on the app, anyone can now initiate the order process to receive BIMIT deliverables directly through SiteScape. To access the "Order BIM" feature, visit SiteScape's Order BIM page.

Why Now (Macro Factors)

There are several macro factors driving the need for a more efficient, affordable, and accessible way to obtain accurate building data and floor plans:

  1. Buildings are being digitized around the world.
  2. Now, anyone with the latest iPhone Pro, can capture spaces of up to 3,000 sq.ft —accurately.
  1. The cost of accurate 3D scans is becoming more affordable and widespread, particularly for residential uses.
  2. BIM, combined with 3D scanning, can produce the most accurate version of a building digitally, extracting geometric and dimensional data of any space.
  3. Increased government regulations make obtaining accurate building data and floor plans critical to efficiently upgrading buildings.
  4. BIMIT has developed technology to accurately convert raw data (3D scans) into indexable 3D models, or IPX Building Profiles, by investing in large data set automation to increase speed, lower cost of production, and improve standardization.
  5. All buildings have a building profile that contains layers of data inclusive of survey-grade architectural, mechanical, and furniture information.
  6. Building owners can now make their building profiles public, connecting their layers to a global marketplace of services—from design to cost segregation services. This means procuring services for buildings is going to be as easy as downloading and using an app.

By integrating BIMIT's advanced technology into the SiteScape platform, users can capitalize on these macro factors and accomplish their objectives more efficiently than ever before. With the addition of an "Order BIM" button on the app, users can initiate an order process to receive BIMIT deliverables directly through Sitescape.

Where We’re Heading

With 1.6 billion buildings worldwide, we are determined to adopt an "all-hands-on-deck" approach to accomplish this immense undertaking global mission. As the SiteScape and BIMIT partnership continues to grow, we look forward to seeing the widespread adoption of this technology in homes and offices across the globe. By empowering individuals and organizations to contribute to the digital transformation of the built environment, we can collectively work towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

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