NFT Your Building

Once we get past the hype, verifying the ownership of your building’s digital information will create an entirely new asset class.

February 21, 2019
New York, USA

In the next 12 months, we're going to see CRE Building Owners offer "Physical + Digital" office space packages to expand the definition of hybrid work.Some of the technical innovations driving this...

First, the basis of our assumption: To stay competitive, CRE Building Owners will not only own their physical asset—but also the verifiable digital version of their building.Today, less than 0.00001% of existing buildings are accurately verified in their digital form.

An Owner runs the show, employing a wheel of independent consultants to build and manage the product—the physical building.But, the digital ownership of their building is spread across:Consultants...In unsecured folders...And in uncoordinated filesIts become a liability.

(Enter digital transformation)Two independent but complimentary technologies—Reality Capture and BIM—now make it possible for an Owner to create an accurate, digital depiction of their physical asset (architecture, MEP, equipment)..thereby centralizing the digital assets.

By digitizing their building, Owners now have two assets: the physical & digital. But what's keeping someone from simply copy/pasting the Owner's digital asset?

(Enter NFT)

It isn't enough for an Owner to say: "I own my CADs," ...or "I have a BIM file of my building."

The goal is to create:

☑️ a verifiable

☑️ non-fungible, digital asset

☑️ that can appreciate in value

☑️ and generate revenue

By definition, a non-fungible token.

To do this, an Owner has to mint their building:

🔓Going from a unverified BIM file

🔐 To a verifiable, non-fungible digital asset

This enables the ownership of a Master & Levels.

(we've built #BIMIT to enable any Owner to start the minting process

How does an Owner make money from their minted Master NFT? The same way they always have:

1️- Reduce operational costs

2️- Increase asset values by stabilizing the physical and digital building

3️- Get premium rents by creating unique spaces, experiences, and services

1- Reduce Operational Costs

By using their Master NFT, Owners now have a simple way to verify, view, share, and rent the unlockable digital content. No need to depend on a wheel of consultants to provide this info...this is what we've built at


2- Increase asset values by stabilizing the physical and digital building

To do this, Owners need Tenants to sign leases and pay their rent. This may sound trivial, but in a sea of competition, Owners can entice and engage Tenants with digital assets locked in Level NFTs.


To minimize the potential Tenant's uncertainty, costs, and headache during the leasing process, the Owner can provide unlockable content within the Level NFT:

☑️ Build-grade plans

☑️Marketing-ready photos & virtual tours

☑️Dimensional data

☑️Testfit schemes

and more...

3- Get premium rents by creating unique spaces, experiences, and services

(Enter metaverse)


This brings us to the "Physical + Digital" office product: Building Owners are currently in prime position to lead the mixed-reality race given their dual ownership.In the post-COVID era, a company's digital footprint is quickly becoming as valuable as their physical one.

And this is happening across:

  • Metaverse platforms (@decentraland, @spatialxr, @TheSandboxGame, and others)
  • Space types (office, retail, hotels, schools)
  • Industry verticals (see organizations like: Nike, Meta, FashionNova)

Basic questions Building Owners will have to address in the coming years:  
What's the value of a digital space to a Tenant?
How do I add value with a Physical + Digital combo?
What value does location have in a digital world?

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