CREvolve's Charlie Morris on the Flexible Future of Brokerage

On this week's episode of the Buildings 2.0 podcast, Jose talks to Charlie Morris, Strategic Consultant at CREvolve. They dive into much-needed changes in the brokerage industry, including thinking differently about office experiences and building valuation.

December 21, 2023

Show notes: 

In this episode of Buildings 2.0, Jose speaks with Charlie Morris, Strategic Consultant at CREvolve. They discuss how office space options will continue to evolve, how the brokerage industry needs to transform away from a commission-based entity to a consultative-based service, and why businesses need to think differently about "return to the office" mandates. They also talk about how flexible workplace options allows businesses to compete for global talent and why big change involves a new approach to building valuation.

Topics discussed:

  • The company office will continue to exist, but will look and be structured differently.
  • Many firms are trying to stand out with technology, but they're stuck in a transactional mindset.
  • Why the push to return to the office is misguided and varied options will create new opportunities.
  • Why change will be slow until the industry begins seeing building valuation in new ways.
  • Why flexible workplace options will allow businesses to compete for the best talent globally.
  • How businesses can use flexible office spaces to "figure out what they're going to be."
  • What will continue to stay the same in the industry, like relationship-building. 

Guest Quotes: 

#1.)  Intro Quote: 

"The traditional office world is always going to be there. Don't get me wrong. It's going to look different though. It's going to be utilized different, it's going to be structured different. Who's going to be the supply partner on that? That's going to be different, potentially. How long people are committing to it? What are the spaces that you're designing? Everything needs to change." (10:04-10:26)


"You need to think about flexible offices as part of your asset management strategy. ...How do you deliver that in more frictionless and shorter-term length type experiences, so you can get people into your building quicker, more efficiently?" (19:27)


"You also need to just deploy choice. And that workplace choice is going to be one of the biggest recruitment and retention tools of the future." (24:44)


"I think the brokerage industry is going to change dramatically. It needs to change dramatically. It needs to go away from a commission-based entity to more of a consultative-based service offering." (34:12)

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