The BIM Partner Network leads the Digitization of the Built Environment

As the demand for BIMIT grows, we're in need of top BIM, architectural and engineering talent

June 6, 2022
Orlando, Florida
Calling all BIM Specialists, Dynamo-lovers, and Scripting Gurus!

Integrated Projects is excited to announce that we’re opening applications to the BIM Partner Network.

Join us as we grow the largest network of BIM leaders focused on the digitization the built environment--one space at a time.

We’re welcoming qualified individuals as well as teams to apply as BIM Partners with a focus on Scan-to-BIM. Applicants can be located anywhere in the world and compensated for new projects completed.

Key Facts

• Integrated Projects is at the forefront of commercialized BIM, offering a standardized LOD 200+ BIM as a product delivered in hours, not weeks or months.

• The BIM Partner Network is comprised of BIM Specialists spanning 13 countries, various timezones and we're currently expanding the network to meet the rise in demand for BIMIT.

• Since November, we've seen a 70% increase in the amount of orders we're receiving. We expect this to grow two-fold in the next 3 months as more professionals adopt BIM into their workflows.

• IP BIM Partners are thriving as they onboard new team members and complete an increasing amount of orders. 33% of our partners are earning twice the U.S. median individual income, launching them from scan-to-BIM freelancers to project managers in a matter of months.

• BIM Specialists can follow 10 easy steps to apply for the BIM Partner Network.

What is the BIM Partner Network?

The BIM Partner Network is a community of trained BIM Specialists from across the world and various time zones. These contractors work per IP’s BIM Partner Plan (linked below) to satisfy BIM projects. are individuals, as well as small, medium, and large BIM teams.

In order to join the BIM Partner Network, IP first interviews each candidate seeking to confirm identity, BIM experience, and cultural fit.

After completing the interview and a pilot project, the approved individuals are onboarded onto Slack, where the IP team sends the new projects to complete.
BIM Partner Plan v2021.2 (Team View)

Required Qualifications
Who can apply?

To apply for the BIM Partner Network, you must either be a:

  1. BIM Specialist with an architectural or engineering background (Individual); or
  2. BIM Team (Maximum limit up to 4 individuals per company to start; must have at least one project manager as a contact.)

What's the criteria?

Before applying to the BIM Partner Network, all Individuals or BIM Teams’ must satisfy the following criteria—if you’re a company, up to (4) individuals are allowed to apply:

Personal Identity Verification

  • Submit Contact Form
  • Sign Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Sign Non-solicitation Agreement
  • Provide (1) form of valid Government ID

BIM Experience Criteria:

  • Have at least (2) years of experience with Autodesk Revit.
  • Level 3 Revit proficiency
  • Have at least (1) year of experience in Scan-to-BIM modeling at LOD200 minimum.
  • Detailed understanding of architecture and MEP Revit modeling
  • Detailed understanding of Revit Families
  • Experience with architecture, furniture, and MEP scope
  • Ability to identify building metadata

Product-Excellence Criteria:

  • Read and thoroughly understood the BIM Partner Plan v2021.2.
  • Share the professional and personal values outlined in the BIM Partner Plan.
  • Understand the BIM product expectations: processing times, LOD, QA/QC.
  • Exceptional knowledge in applying LOD200 on MEP modeling data efficiently
  • Perform BIM quality assurance and quality control by reviewing project BIM standards of the project so they adhere to IP standards and client project requirements
  • Work directly with the QA/QC team to incorporate revision comments, client requirements & RFIs into the model and eliminate BIM model errors
  • Ability to meet deadlines, consistently
  • Respect and enforce strict confidentiality agreements for all project information

How to Apply

In the link below, we’ve listed the steps in optimal order for partners to easily onboard with IP. The links to our overviews, documentation, scheduling and assessments are included in their respective step. Refer back to this list as you complete each step in the order outlined. Please do not skip steps or skip ahead, all steps are required to qualify for the BIM Network Partnership.

Apply to the BIM Partner Network

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