The BIMIT Affiliate Program: How to empower your AEC audience— in two steps

Claim stake in our shared mission towards a carbon neutral future. Empower your audience to enhance the way we design, build, operate, and inhabit the built environment.

December 5, 2022
Orlando, Florida

It’s our shared mission to enhance the way we design, build, operate, and inhabit the built environment.

Buildings represent almost 70% of all carbon emissions. A global all-hands-on-deck requires those working in, on, and around buildings to dramatically reduce carbon emissions—we've got till 2030 to turn things around

The first step in deciding "what should be" is accurately assessing "what is". Enter BIMIT.

While we're digitizing 6 buildings a day, with 1.6 billion buildings worldwide and only .000001% digitized, it's safe to say we'll need a hand.

The Affiliate Program is your stake in empowering your audience to unlock high value data of their space with BIMIT.

  • BIMIT for architects means accurate background drawings for their designs.
  • BIMIT for engineers means accurate architectural drawings for their MEP designs.
  • BIMIT for contractors means accurate plans, virtual tours, or site photos of construction progress.
  • BIMIT for building owners/operators means quickly viewing and verifying existing conditions across their portfolio and quantifying material, furniture, equipment and spatial dimensions providing due diligence for cost segregation studies and environmental tax incentives.
  • BIMIT for reality capture specialists means providing clients with accurate plans, virtual tours, site photos, and quantities reports, all easily accessible without the use of paid software programs.

We offer reliable delivery, consistent quality, and transparent pricing, uniquely simplified to make building information accessible to everyone.

No point cloud, no problem. BIMIT Users can now mobilize a SCANIT sitescan fully integrated with BIMIT and digitize their space from A to Z , all under $1.00/sq ft.

What is the BIMIT Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn a 10% stake in revenue generated by promoting BIMIT to new customers. Affiliated Users will receive a 10% discount on their first order and you’ll continue earning a dime on the dollar for each BIMIT order placed by your Affiliated User for the next 12 months.

Who can participate in the program?

The best Affiliate partners are either AEC, design or reality capture influencers or subject matter authorities with active audiences on their platforms, or consultants who set up BIMIT for or sell BIMIT to their customers.

How to get paid?

You’ll receive payouts via Stripe for completed and paid orders every quarter. Affiliated Users, order statuses, and payments due can be tracked in your BIMIT Affiliate Dashboard.

How to affiliate users?

We offer two different methods to affiliate users:

  • You promote BIMIT to your audience with a personalized partner code for your Affiliated Users to input during the BIMIT ordering process.
  • Using BIMIT as a product offering for your clients and using your partner code during the BIMIT ordering process.

The first method is a great fit for bloggers and other content creators.

The second method is a good fit if you are a consultant and you are helping your clients with a BIMIT purchase.

Users that enter your partner code will automatically be linked to your Affiliate account and appear in your list of Affiliated Users for you to track their BIMIT purchases.

Integrated Projects will provide you with approved marketing material to accurately represent BIMIT to your audience.

How to get started?

All you need is to apply for an Affiliate account. Our team will review your application and follow up with a decision and additional materials to get you started.

To learn more about BIMIT, visit our BIMIT Overview.

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