The Mechanics Behind Web3 Buildings

Part 1

June 2, 2022
New York, USA
The Mechanics Behind Web3 Buildings

A Virtual Demo + Panel Discussion (Limited to 40 sign-ups max)



This Tuesday, June 7th

Start Time: 

4:00pm (EST, New York)


The discussion is a virtual event happening within Integrated Projects' digital HQ. Meeting Link will be emailed to the first 40 sign-ups.

Integrated Projects' Digital HQ (

The Discussion:

In spite of Web3 hype, there are builders laying the foundations of how we'll soon own, visualize, and experience buildings in the coming physical + digital economy. Join the panelists in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing real estate and design professionals as we evolve into a mixed reality.


Michael Martinez

SoularMind Media (Metaverse)

Clark Morgan


20 years leading companies in Spatial Data, Digital Transformation and Building Information Modeling


Sardor Umarov

Building Owner, Book Local, Exchange901


Murray Blore

BIM Alchemy


James McCall


James McCall has a dual major finance/accounting undergraduate degree and a JD law degree.  He has been a legal engineer at LexDAO, loves building, designing and creative destruction in the legal engineering space. Current real estate related side projects are experimenting with blockchain and real property in TaterDAO and


Alvaro Gallego

Integrated Projects


Jose Cruz

Integrated Projects


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