Top 5 3D Laser Scanning Companies

Discover the top 5 laser scanning providers for your Architectural, Engineering, and Construction projects

October 19, 2023

There are an array of laser scanning providers out there, catering to various industries including architecture, engineering, and construction. 

For professionals in these fields, having accurate, detailed, and timely data is crucial for the success of their projects.

So how can you ensure precision and efficiency in your data acquisition processes?

The answer lies in choosing the right laser scanning provider that aligns with your project needs and budget.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the Top 5 Laser Scanning Providers to help you make an informed decision for your next project.

What Is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning, also known as 3D scanning, employs laser light to capture the physical dimensions and features of objects and spaces, creating digital representations. 

These digital models can then be used for a variety of applications including design, analysis, and documentation.

When looking for a laser scanning provider, it's essential to consider the accuracy, speed, and range of services offered, as well as the provider's experience and technological capabilities.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 laser scanning providers we found:

1 - Integrated Projects (SCANIT + IPX)

Integrated Projects specializes in digitizing buildings through 3D site scans with SCANIT or point cloud uploads via BIMIT.

Our platform, IPX, enables users to view, verify, and quantify their building data down to the inch, promoting efficient data sharing among teams and collaborators.


  • Accurate architectural background for new plans
  • Verification of dimensions for acquisitions
  • Material, furniture, and spatial dimensions quantification for estimating and procurement
  • Quick verification of existing conditions for facilities/operations
  • BIM visualization for sales/marketing and construction management
  • Accurate data for accounting and insurance purposes


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2 - TruePoint Laser Scanning

TruePoint Laser Scanning

TruePoint provides high-quality 3D laser scanning services, offering point cloud visualization, 2D CAD drawings, and 3D BIM models for reliable project planning.

Their experienced professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precise measurements and data for various projects​.


  • Point cloud visualization
  • 2D CAD drawings
  • 3D BIM models
  • Construction site surveys
  • Geospatial mapping services
  • High-precision measurements with an accuracy of 2-4mm


Contact TruePoint directly for pricing information​.

3 - Existing Conditions

Existing Conditions

Existing Conditions specializes in 3D laser scanning, drone surveys, and creating Building Information Models (BIM).

They also offer expert support and consultation services to help clients understand and utilize the data effectively for their projects​.


  • 3D Laser Scanning for accurate data capture
  • Drone Surveys for situational awareness
  • Expert Support & Consultation
  • High-quality documentation including 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Custom deliverables tailored to client needs


Contact Existing Conditions directly for pricing details​.

4 - Arrival 3D

Arrival 3D

Arrival 3D offers fast and accurate as-built services with their laser scanning technology.

They provide a range of services from building and industrial scanning to creating as-built 3D CAD models and 3D Revit models for better project planning and implementation​​.


  • Building and industrial 3D laser scanning
  • As-built 3D CAD and Revit models creation
  • 2D CAD drawings like floor, roof, and exterior elevation plans
  • Digital Twins capturing via aerial drone scanning


Contact Arrival 3D for pricing details.

5 - Nexus 3D Consulting

Nexus 3D Consulting

Nexus 3D Consulting integrates 3D laser scanning, UAV/drones, point cloud data, and BIM/VDC services into projects efficiently.

They aim to simplify the implementation of 3D technology, helping reduce project timelines and costs while providing high-level customer service​.


  • Land Surveying
  • Laser Scanning
  • UAV Operations
  • Data Processing
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D Drafting


Contact Nexus 3D Consulting directly for pricing information.


Choosing the right laser scanning provider is a significant step towards ensuring the success and efficiency of your projects.

By considering the range of services, technological capabilities, and expertise offered by these providers, you can select the one that best fits your project requirements and budget.

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